New Space for J.Lashes

Project Management, Retail Design

J.Lashes, a renowned lash salon in Singapore, encountered various challenges during their transition and relocation process. The salon needed to efficiently manage tight timelines while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for their valued clients. Additionally, they aimed to create a relaxing and spacious environment without compromising the necessary lash stations that are vital for their business operations. BEAMY stepped in as a strategic partner to address these challenges and provide effective solutions. With a meticulous project management plan navigating tight timelines with precision, our priority was to accommodate existing client bookings, minimize disruptions, and ensure business continuity throughout the transition and relocation. Understanding J.Lashes' design aspirations, our experienced team focused on creating a spacious environment that embodied the salon's essence. Careful consideration was given to layout elements, feng shui principles, and operational requirements. The result was a space-efficient layout that provided an exclusive experience for private rooms and a vibrant atmosphere for open lash stations, while optimizing natural light exposure. Seamlessly segregating the payment and waiting area from the lash stations enhanced customer comfort and operational efficiency. The meticulously curated environment surpassed J.Lashes' expectations, perfectly reflecting their unique brand personality.

Manage tight timelines while ensuring a seamless experience for clients during transition and relocation process without compromising the business
Develop a meticulous project management plan to navigate the tight timelines and ensure a smooth transition and relocation process
Garnered positive feedback from clients and has significantly enhanced the overall customer experience

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