Spur of the Moment Travel

Communication Concept, Creative & Art Direction, Key Visual Photography, Video Production
Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards | Gold, Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum, Hermes Creative Awards | Gold, Hermes Creative Awards
We led a film crew on Shin's spontaneous trip in Thailand, capturing his incredible adventures on camera. The visuals seamlessly blended thrilling scenes with Shin's encounters, taking "Follow Shin" to new heights.

Ctrip, China's top travel service company, amped up its marketing game by appointing rockstar Shin as their Chief Travel Planning Officer and brand ambassador. We teamed up with rockstar Shin to embody Ctrip's "Spur of the Moment Travel" concept. Our communication concept, 随“信”所欲,说走就走, cleverly plays on the Chinese phrase "随心所欲" (follow one's bent) and follows Shin on an impromptu trip to Thailand. Our campaign captures Shin's free-spirited travel style and adventurous encounters, highlighting Ctrip's promise of spontaneous and authentic travel experiences. With "Follow Shin" as our rallying cry, we invite travelers to unleash their wanderlust and join us on unforgettable journeys anytime, anywhere. The campaign effectively conveyed the brand's proposition, resulting in substantial growth for Ctrip's southeast Asian travel season.

Infuse Shin's free-spirited travel style and Ctrip's adventurous attitude to create a seamless blend that amplifies the brand's image
Develop a communication concept conveying the brand's "Spur of The Moment" promise
Ctrip's proposition of spur-of-the-moment travel was effectively conveyed with the brand concept, resulting in significant growth for their southeast Asian travel season

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