A Cinematic Journey into the Heart of NYC's Handcrafted Fine Goods Brand

Burgundy Assemblage
Social Media Marketing and Communications, Creative and Art Direction, Photography, Video Production, Online-Offline Event, Public Relations
Capturing the essence of their brand through a stunning brand film

Burgundy Assemblage is a NYC-based collection of exquisite, handcrafted fine goods that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Every product is crafted with top-notch materials and meticulously designed, cut and fashioned in the heart of the city. BEAMY was commissioned by Burgundy Assemblage to produce a brand film that captures the essence of their brand for their anniversary, timed perfectly with the launch of their new collection, “Pi". We conceptualized an online-to-offline event that brought the Burgundy Assemblage experience to life in New York, Shanghai, and Taipei, making sure that customers around the world could immerse themselves in the brand's unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. We were also entrusted with setting up and maintaining their WeChat account, giving their followers a window into the world of Burgundy Assemblage, from behind-the-scenes peeks at their meticulous design process to exclusive access to limited edition products.

To showcase their brand and new collection to a global audience while staying true to their unique blend of aesthetics and functionality
Create a brand film timed perfectly for their anniversary and new collection launch bolstered by a strategic social media campaign deployed across three cosmopolitan cities
Capture the essence of their collection and reached out to a wider audience, resulting in a remarkable increase in sales and engagement

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